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Dec 9, 2012 12:30am EST
economy. the section that is very important -- i have gathered an extensive amount of data across the world, and by my calculation, the weighted average cost of a traffic slipped 200 years ago in 1810 was between $4,900.50 $900. there is a wide variance. -- $4,900 and $5,900. there are documents in bengal of people being sold for less than a cup of tea. many people were born into service. what is the cost of that? not too much. the average cost, the weighted average cost, has dropped precipitously. a calculated -- and how to light today the average is around $440. -- i calculate today the average is around $440. for sexual exploitation, a little more than 1900 dollars. you can still have people born into bondage and servitude today. you can have a victim of sex trafficking in western europe. the immediate economic consequence of this, appreciation and cost, it is an increase in return on investment, particularly when tied to the fact that you can exploit people in dozens of industries. the old world, calculated, roughly 15% or 20% return on investment. today, 300% or 400%. it migh
Dec 8, 2012 9:30pm EST
attending profitability, and other imperative in the catholic marketing economy, is to exploit labor. in a globalized economy, the need to be price competitive is greater than ever. since transportation costs have dropped in the last 90 years and x put the labor can be used, the entire world is in competition in a way never like before. slavery has evolved from the old world into the allies broke as a primary way in which unscrupulous producers compete to advance profits while maximizing price competitiveness. to take all this theoretical jargon into a specific example you will be familiar with, take a apples and your iphones. they have 700,000 manufacturing jobs in china. the daily wage average, someone can correct me, but the folksmaking these phones -- they make around $2 or $3 an hour. people ask why doesn't apple move the jobs here? you cannot find anyone here legally whose income would max out at $3. and transportation is so inexpensive, they commit them over here and ship -- make them over there and ship them here. they are not involved in slavery but i'm giving you the sense of s
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2